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ICP Research

Questions concerning Earth's climate and environment and the consequences of global change present some of the most challenging, exciting and important problems in the 21st Century. Scientists at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies created real contributing research roles for students and teachers. The overviews of team projects and the papers, abstracts and posters presented are archived as an educational resource. We hope it will be used by students and teachers to build on our findings and make their own research contributions to the interdisciplinary study of climate and global change.

Project Plans

Each year the science leaders of ICP research teams prepare plans to guide their endeavors. All the projects contribute to core research areas at GISS and priorities of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise. In many instances research is designed to continue projects from the previous summer. However, some plans mark the beginning of a new research team or initiate a new project for an existing team.

Research Results

A high priority for ICP student and faculty researchers is to share their science results with scientists, their peers, educators, and members of their community. Following is a sampling of papers, posters, and abstracts written by students and faculty about research they conducted during an ICP Summer Institute session at GISS.

ICP research has also led to and/or contributed to the following presentations and articles in scholarly publications.

Data Resources

NASA GISS Datasets and Images
Index to numerous data resources available from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Includes: