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Education: The Carbon Question

Topic 1: Ecosystem

The activities for this module are listed below under "Topic 1 Activities". In the next two columns are PDF documents; the first, labeled "Teacher Notes", provides background and instructional guidelines, and the second includes class hand-outs for the "Student Guide". Resources found in "Data and Tools" are used by students to conduct the analysis called for in the module investigations.

PDF documents require the free Acrobat Reader to be viewed. XLS documents require Microsoft's Excel to be viewed. TBK documents require the Neuron plugin (available for Windows only) to be viewed.

Topic 1 Activities Teacher Notes Student Guide Data and Tools
Real World Problem (PDF 186 kB)
A: Searching for Clues in Pictures PDF (187 kB) PDF (281 kB) 1. Central Park Map (PDF 108 kB)
2. Central Park Site Pictures: (PDFs)
Beach (1.07 MB),
Harlem Meer (1.03 MB),
Harlem Meer Upland (1.18 MB),
Lawn (875 kB),
Rock Area (1.07 MB),
Water Fall (830 kB).
B: A Field Study Around Your School PDF (211 kB) PDF (216 kB)  
C: A Field Study in a Local Park PDF (211 kB) PDF (328 kB)  
D: Speaking a Common Language. PDF (200 kB) PDF (344 kB)  
E: A Walk Through the Forest PDF (184 kB) PDF (304 kB) 1. Virtual Hike in New York's Black Rock Forest
2. Hike Information Packets
F: The World's Biomes PDF PDF  
G: Biome Web Quest   PDF  

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