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Education: The Carbon Question

Suggested Background Readings

Whether you choose to respond to the Young Investigators Carbon Initiative Call for Proposals or to conduct the study, Carbon in a Local Ecosystem: Measuring Carbon Storage, we suggest you read the background materials listed below.

  1. Introduction to The Carbon Question module (PDF 917 kB)
  2. Carbon Storage Above and Below Ground in Two Sites in Cascade Brook Watershed, Black Rock Forest, New York

Readings at NASA's Earth Observatory:

  1. The Carbon Cycle
  2. Can Carbon Sequestration Solve Global Warming?
  3. The Mystery of the Missing Carbon
  4. Satellite Data Help Researchers Track Carbon in Northern Hemisphere Forests
  5. U.S. Carbon Storage: Land Use Dominates Carbon Dioxide, Climate
  6. Scientists Find That Grasslands Can Act as 'Carbon Sinks'
  7. Fire Frequency Determines Forest Carbon Storage
  8. The Road to Recovery

A paper at the Food and Agriculture Organization

  1. Forests, the Global Carbon Cycle and Climate Change

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