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Education: The Carbon Question

Student Research Projects

Photo of a forest

The opportunities for student research presented here are designed as culminating projects of The Carbon Question module. By getting involved in research, students will contribute to a problem of growing interest and concern in the science community about how the global carbon budget may be changing and what its relationship is to the Earth's climate.

Each project challenges students to develop science questions that need to be addressed and theories to test, as well as methods for investigating them. Each project also allows students to be creative in their scientific approach and demands well-reasoned explanations and justifications for these research methods and the resulting findings.

Before selecting your project or going to specific research project pages, review the following:

  1. Project Summaries
  2. Suggested Background Readings
  3. Preliminary Carbon Investigations and Training

We recommend you read the background materials most relevant to your project and complete the Preliminary Carbon Investigations and Training. After you are done reading the materials provided above, you are ready to begin the research. Select one of the projects listed below.

  1. Young Investigators Carbon Initiative Call for Proposals
  2. Carbon in a Local Ecosystem: Measuring Carbon Storage

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