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About ICP

We believe that people can understand the nature of research best by becoming involved in research. Our philosophy is that students and teachers should work with scientists on problems at the top of their research agenda.

ICP Objectives and History

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Who We Are
The Institute on Climate and Planets was the main education outreach program at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University during 1994-2004.
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What We Do
Prepare students and teachers for the 21st Century by involving them in the science, technology and social science research frontier.
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Team Research Projects
Studying global change and the environment.
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ICP is a government, university and business partnership.
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School Network
We engage students and teachers from undergraduate, middle and high school institutions in summer research internships and school-based research education.
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Education and Workforce Pathways
Where student and teacher interns come from and where they go on to.
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Impact on Teaching and Learning
Research education in the classroom
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Internships and Outreach: NYC
The program impacts teachers and students as individuals, their schools and the community.
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Participation and Tracking: 1994-2003
ICP's track record addressing diversity in science and technology and impact on participants.
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+ NASA Public Service Medal, 1995, awarded to Carolyn Harris
+ Heinz Award in the Environment, 2000, awarded to James Hansen


The ICP Newsletter carried updates on the program's research, education, and outreach activities. Also featured are student profiles, school-based projects, and announcements on upcoming events.


For information about current GISS education programs, please contact Matthew Pearce.