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Urban Measurement of Aerosols and Asthma Project (UrbanMAAP)

Millions of people of all ages around the world suffer from asthma. One asthma trigger is pollution, in particular, concentration of atmospheric particles called aerosols. NASA's unique contribution to the study of human health and the environment is the observation, measurement, analysis and modeling of Earth's atmospheric and surface properties on regional to global scales. UrbanMAAP was created for students to help quantify the potential relationship between the alarming increase in the prevalence of asthma and changes in atmospheric composition and climate due to human activity.

Getting Started Introduction to the UrbanMAAP research opportunity
Asthma Survey Plan and conduct a survey of the incidence of asthma at your school
Aerosols Stufy Measure aerosols in the atmosphere during an intensive obervation period
Research Projects Suggested projects you can perform to study the data from the asthma survey or aerosols study
Library and Classroom Background information on UrbanMAAP
Project Experience Assessment Project evaluation and assessment of student learning